Day: April 8, 2017

SEO As A Business Strategy To Help Real Estate Lawyers In New York

Using SEO To Help Real Estate Lawyers In New York NY

Adam Leitman Bailey is a respected a revered law firm in New York. They primarily deal with real estate related legal issues. To that end, they have an incredible amount of content online to support their claim as one of the best and biggest law firms NYC.

Check out this video testimonial of the premier Real Estate Lawyer New York NY.

The above is a video testimonial from one of Adam Leitman Bailey’s Fortune 1000 clients. Clearly, they are very happy with the way this law firm served them.

The secret behind this law firm’s massive success is the effective utilization and adoption of SEO best practices and hiring a Search Engine Optimization consultant who is an expert in their domain.

This SEO expert clearly crafted an excellent digital marketing strategy that included content marketing. Promoting the Adam Leitman Bailey brand via client testimonial videos is a smart and transparent way of spreading goodwill.

What brought the client to seek legal counsel was that the building manager neglected landlord contracts. When the landlord decided to sue the contractor, the contractor contacted Adam. Within a couple of days, Adam Leitman Bailey was creative and candid in crafting an efficient legal plan of attack to counter this client’s lawsuit.

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