The SEO Ranking Factor For Every Digital Marketing Search Engine Optimization Agency In 2017

New Google SEO Ranking Factor For Digital Marketing Companies

There is a new Google SEO ranking factor for digital marketing companies that is huge right now. And when you take advantage of it, you can find yourself with higher rankings and more traffic. However, if you ignore it, you will only be missing out on a ton of high quality website visitors.

Even though backlinks continue to be the foundation of Google’s ranking programme, the fact seems obvious that how a search engine user behaves and interacts with the results of his/her search query is indicative of SERP listings. Through this post, we will share 3 practical ways you could take advantage of user experience signals. This will be including our favorite – The APP Formula and Bazzi Mine.

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A few years back tech writer, Steven Levy, wrote an insider account on Google called “In The Plex”. In that book, Steven states that on a very basic level, Google could identify how satisfied users were. The best sign of this user happiness was typically characterized by the “Long Click” that was utilized by several advertising agencies.

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SEO Ranking Factor For Digital Marketing Companies

In a nutshell, when people visit your website for a specific keyword and then spend some time hanging around, Google picks up on a strong signal that your webpage is making the search engine clickers highly satisfied.

On the other hand, when search engines users quickly saw goodbye to your website like they have a bus to catch, it informs Google of quite the contrary. It shows them that your designed content and website is not the right match for the entered keyword. This is known as the “Short Click”. The trick is to figure out how to get people to stick around on your website. Therefore, it makes Google thinks that your website is the best search result for that particular keyword.

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Pail Bridges SEO Related Subheadings

It is really hard to keep people on a page that is 6,000 words long. People do not have the attention span to skim that much content, let alone read it. “Bucket Brigades” is a little known technique that copy writers have been using for decades. The “Bucket Brigades” technique can instantly make your content a lot more compelling.

Bucket brigades are words and phrases that keep people on your page. Specifically, they make your visitors want to keep reading. Bucket Brigades open up little information gaps in your mind and you just cannot help but read the next sentence.

Botomline: Whenever you have a place in your content where people might get bored and hit the “Back” button, add a bucket brigade.

H2 Tags With Meaning

No one enjoys clunky pieces of content with large blocks of text. If you are like most people, you prefer to read content that is broken up into several sub-headings. From our experience, sub-headings are huge and we can never use enough of them. And not just any sub-headings, but benefit-driven subheadings.

Most people use random sub-headings that do break content up as opposed to reading in chunks. However, random sub-headers will not grab your readers’ attention. The correct way to do sub-headings is to include benefits as your sub-headings.

The APP Method

Here’s the truth. When someone visits your website form Google, you have 2 seconds to convince them to stick around. Not 10 seconds, not 5 seconds, but 2 seconds. And if you lose them within those 2 seconds, you lose them for good.

On the other hand, if you hit your visitors with something amazing right off the bat, they are much more likely to stick around. And this boost in time on page can be huge for your Google rankings. And whenever we need to improve the time on page for any of our website content, we turn to the APP Formula.

Explaining The Internet Marketing Method

The APP Method is a proven content introduction framework that is designed to do one thing – keep Google visitors on your website longer. Here is what the APP Formula looks like. The APP Formula stands for “Agree”, “Promise” and “Preview”.

  • Local SEO Services Agree – You want to start your article or blog post off with an idea or concept that someone searching for your keyword will agree with. This confirms that you as a content creator understands the readers’ problem. And when someone reading your content sees that you understand them and their problem, they are much more likely to stick around.
  • Website Optimization Promise – This is the bit where you give your readers a peek into a better world. Most people think that you need to run hundreds of A/B tests to get the correct conversions. But by directly sharing your promise will confirm that there is an easier way.
  • Professional Marketing Preview – Your preview just needs to tell your reader exactly what you have in store for them. And once you put the finishing touches on your preview, you are set. You now have an introduction that keeps Google searchers on your site. And a page that Google wants to show to more people.

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SEO As A Business Strategy To Help Real Estate Lawyers In New York

Using SEO To Help Real Estate Lawyers In New York NY

Adam Leitman Bailey is a respected a revered law firm in New York. They primarily deal with real estate related legal issues. To that end, they have an incredible amount of content online to support their claim as one of the best and biggest law firms NYC.

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The above is a video testimonial from one of Adam Leitman Bailey’s Fortune 1000 clients. Clearly, they are very happy with the way this law firm served them.

The secret behind this law firm’s massive success is the effective utilization and adoption of SEO best practices and hiring a Search Engine Optimization consultant who is an expert in their domain.

This SEO expert clearly crafted an excellent digital marketing strategy that included content marketing. Promoting the Adam Leitman Bailey brand via client testimonial videos is a smart and transparent way of spreading goodwill.

What brought the client to seek legal counsel was that the building manager neglected landlord contracts. When the landlord decided to sue the contractor, the contractor contacted Adam. Within a couple of days, Adam Leitman Bailey was creative and candid in crafting an efficient legal plan of attack to counter this client’s lawsuit.

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